11:57 am - Wednesday February 20, 2019

Olive Oil Benefits by Preventing Stroke: New Study

A new study has suggested that consumption of olive oil may be of help in preventing Olive Oil prevents risk of stroke in aged peoplerisk of stroke in aged people.

The research has been published by medical journal of American Academy of Neurology.

Says study author C Samieri, PhD, University of Bordeaux & National Institute of Health & Medical Research (INSERM) in Bordeaux, France. “Our research suggests that a new set of dietary recommendations should be issued to prevent stroke in people 65 & older. Stroke is so common in older people and olive oil would be an inexpensive and easy way to help prevent it.”

The researchers looked into medical records of more than seven thousand people aged sixty five & older from three cities of France: Bordeaux, Dijon & Montpellier.

The participants did not have any history of stroke. Consumption of olive oil was categorized as “no use,” “moderate use” such as using olive oil in cooking or as dressing or with bread, and “intensive use,” which included using olive oil for both cooking and as dressing or with bread.

Samieri said the participants primarily used extra virgin olive oil diet, as ninety eight percent of such oil is available in France.

In a period of over five years, there were one hundred forty eight strokes. After studying diet, physical activity, body mass index and other risk factors for stroke, the study found that those who regularly used olive oil for both cooking and as dressing had a forty one percent lower risk of stroke compared to those who never used olive oil in their diet.

Olive oil diet has been associated with potentially protective effects against many cardiovascular risk factors, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and obesity.

In an accompanying editorial, N Scarmeas, MD, of Columbia University and a member of the American Academy of Neurology noted that it is not clear which particular elements of olive oil could be protective. The effects of olive oil could even be indirect by making other healthy foods tastier.

He also cautioned that only future clinical trials can increase confidence in the findings and potentially lead to stroke prevention recommendations.

Olive oil is also found to be effective in diseases such as high blood pressure and excess weight related illnesses.

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