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What is Arjuna Herb?

Terminalia Arjuna (botanical name) or Arjuna myrobalan is a medicinal plant used since Terminalia Arjuna is a medicinal plantancient times for many human ailments. It is known as Arjuna in India.

A milky white sap oozes out upon incision of the Arjuna bark (used in various disease treatments) which contains arjunine, an alkaloid.

In addition, the bark is a rich source of many minerals & organic compounds such as calcium, magnesium, aluminum & tannin.

Arjuna herb also contains essential oils & traces of crystalline compounds including lactone & sugars.

Get Health Benefits of Arjuna

The herb Terminalia Arjuna is an essential ingredient for many medical preparations in forms such as Arjuna natural extracts.

Arjuna herb benefits people with cardiovascular disease, urinary ailments and circulatory & respiratory problems.

  • Terminalia Arjuna has astringent properties. Applying bark powder of Arjuna herb externally proves beneficial in skin problems including sores & ulcers.
  • Its stimulating property finds use as a cardiac protector helping improve blood circulation & decrease risk of heart attack.
  • The herb Arjuna benefits & promotes healthy vasodilation & vasoconstriction. This aids & improves blood circulation throughout your body.
  • Crush fresh Arjuna leaves to extract juice. Put a few drops in affected ear to relieve ear pain.
  • The Arjuna herb is also beneficial in curing wounds & can be applied externally to treat burns.
  • Substantial relief can be achieved by using the herb during tubercular cough, heal ruptured arteries of the lungs & put a stop to blood occurring in cough.
  • Among Arjuna benefits is its ability to properly synthesize and maintain healthy cholesterol levels in your body.
  • A decoction prepared by mixing Arjuna bark powder in milk and consuming it on an empty stomach in the morning is useful for treating diarrhea & dysentery.
  • Arjuna herb is a safe and beneficial appetizer as it encourages your digestion through smooth facilitation of bile flow.
  • Casuarinin, a substance with antioxidant properties, is said to inhibit breast cancer cell growth, is also found in Arjuna.
  • Powder of Arjuna bark is taken with milk to act as an effective aphrodisiac that is consumed three hours before bedtime.

High dosages without consulting a health professional can result in Arjuna side effects such as liver harm or hypothyroidism.

The information provided herein should, hopefully, answer ‘what is Arjuna herb?’

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