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Camphor (Kapoor)

What is Camphor?

Camphor (Cinnamomum camphora) or Kapoor as it is known in India is a transparent Uses of Camphor Oil include its effectiveness as a nasal decongestantwhite crystalline solid that has a waxy texture.

Camphor oil possesses a deeply penetrating & powerful aromatic odor. It is obtained as an extract from the wood of camphor tree native to Asia. It can also be separated in the form of synthetic compound from turpentine oil.

Although traditional uses of camphor have been observed since ancient times, it is highly popular because of its scent & medicinal use.

Due caution should be exercised regarding its usage as camphor side effects include intoxication when inhaled as a nasal decongestant by small children.

Get to Know Benefits of Camphor Better

Health benefits of camphor can be achieved when used as an anti-itch cream or as cooling gel as it easily absorbed by the skin and thus effective in treating local pain.

  • Camphor oil can help in relieving symptoms of cough & cold when applied as a rub on your chest.
  • With properties that act as nasal decongestant, oil of camphor can be inhaled to effectively clear blocked nose & air passages.
  • Camphor has detoxifying and stimulating effect on your circulatory system. It promotes healthy blood circulation to provide relief in conditions such as arthritis, rheumatism & gout.
  • Benefits of camphor include its use as an active agent in tooth powders as it contains powerful anti-bacterial property.
  • You can add minute camphor particles in coconut oil to get rid of lice by massaging the preparation on to your scalp.
  • You can use camphor oil as a vaporizer due to its strong odor to relieve sore throat and clear a mucous blocked nose.
  • Camphor is be added in lotions & ointments for curing skin diseases and to treat fungal and bacterial infections affecting the skin.
  • Product of the camphor tree, the oil of camphor renders an analgesic effect making it useful as a natural pain relief remedy.  Massage on affected area can help reduce muscle soreness & arthritic pain.
  • Among the various uses of camphor is its use as an excellent disinfectant & antiseptic. You can add appropriate quantity of camphor in drinking water clear the water of harmful microorganisms.

Get your queries about what is camphor resolved by benefitting from this information about its effective remedial uses.

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