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What is Cilantro?

Cilantro is a delicate herbal plant that grows to about twenty inches tall.  It is freely used Cilantro Leaves have anti-inflammatory compoundsin culinary dishes as a flavoring agent, popular as a traditional herb and is well known for its antioxidant property.

Cilantro is a Spanish word for coriander as in English, dhania in Hindi, kothamir in Urdu, kothimbir in Marathi, kothmir in Gujarati & kothamalli in Tamil.

Parts of this beneficial herb that are useful include cilantro leaves & aromatic seeds that contain most of the nutritive, medicinal and health benefiting components.

Get Health Benefits of Cilantro

While being a good source of dietary fiber, this medicinal green herb has antioxidant property & can also beneficially be used to remove digestive gas and to overcome nausea.

  • Similar to various other leafy green vegetables, cilantro seeds are a good source of magnesium & iron. These elements make it useful for fighting anemia.
  • The cilantro herb also contains properties that can aid boost immunity and possibly prevent conditions such as fungal & urinary tract infections.
  • It is also effective in detoxifying your system and is a rich source of phyto nutrients and flavonoids.
  • Studies have shown that cilantro herb contains compounds that are even more effective for salmonella infections than antibiotic medications.
  • The cilantro seeds oil has found uses in traditional medicine as a stimulant aphrodisiac, carminative, analgesic, anti-spasmodic & stomachic.
  • A wide range of ailments come under its healing properties such as urinary tract infections (UTI), treat nausea, lower blood sugar levels & bad cholesterol.
  • Cilantro leaves have an anti-inflammatory effect when consumed (preferable in raw form). This property helps treat patients with symptoms of arthritis
  • While achieving benefits of this herb it should be kept in mind that it can cause allergy in some people resulting in cilantro side effects such as dermatitis (inflammation of skin).
  • Among benefits of cilantro is cilantro tea that is useful in digestive disorders and can be safely used to treat intestinal discomfort.
  • Moreover, besides all these benefits, cilantro seeds can be used to increase your appetite and also find use as an aromatic stimulant.

The information about cilantro can prove helpful to make you better understand and answer your query about what is cilantro and derive its health benefits to the full extent.

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