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The Many Uses of Datura

Commonly known as Jimson weed and botanically named Datura stramonium, it is aDatura Stramonium used as an intoxicant & medicine since long poisonous plant that grows wild throughout warm and moderate regions of the world. The datura plant is used as a sacrament in many parts of the Indian subcontinent.

Hells bells, thorn apple, mad apple, locoweed, stinkweed and devil’s trumpet are some of the other names for datura.

Although the datura plant is poisonous in its whole, the most toxic parts of the plant are its leaves and seeds.

Datura stramonium has been used as an intoxicant and medicine since ancient times. Datura intoxication effects involve bizarre behavior, delirium, amnesia, hallucinations, euphoria and in some cases violent behavior has also been observed.

Datura metel is a perennial herb that can grow up to three and a half feet tall. It has fragrant trumpet shaped flowers and egg shaped seed with spines or bald.

Datura stramonium seeds lie for years underground without any oxygen or sunlight and can germinate when the soil around it is disturbed.

Datura seeds are ingested by teenagers and even adults due to its hallucinogenic properties.

The use of Jimson weed can prove fatal and even a small quantity of such weed is adequate to cause death. The datura plant also produces phytotoxin which is harmful for lungs.

Accidental poisoning can result from toxic effects of datura. These can be relieved through medical treatment which should be started as soon as possible to ensure fast recovery.

Jimson weed or datura grows very fast and its smoke is used for remedial purpose by people affected with asthma.

Thorn apple (datura) is an effective cure for phlegmatic and bilious types of malaria fever. It is also an imperative medication for heart failure and alleviates in anguish, palpitation and in aortic disturbances.

Useful in impotency, thorn apple regenerates vigor and fitness in the body. It is functional in regular baldness and has power to motivate hair growth.

Use of Datura (Thorn apple) extract in medicines:

  • Used as a treatment in skin cancer.
  • Help avoid pain during menstruation.
  • Treat hemorrhoids.
  • Alleviate general pain.
  • To treat asthma.
  • Used to treat intestinal cramps.
  • Relief in cardiac pain, aortic disorders and heart ailments.
  • For treating malaria and phlegmatic malaria.
  • Gives relief when used in diarrhea.
  • Effective for treating bed wetting.
  • For instant relief for a person suffering from ear ache.
  • For alleviating Schizophrenia and Parkinson’s diseases.

Datura counteracts spasmodic disorder and induces yawning sleep which gradually promotes health and restores fitness.

The datura plants produces higher percentage of alkaloids and yields diploid and tetraploid in dried fruits and seeds.

In Asia, it is used to give relief in cases of cardiac disorder and is very handy in asthma when the smell from the combusting plants is inhaled.

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