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Neem (Azadirachta Indica)

What is Neem?

Neem (Azadirachta indica) is an evergreen tree with a wide spread. Neem trees can grow Benefits of Neem include anti fungal Neem Propertiesup to sixty to seventy feet tall. It’s herbal and medicinal properties have been used since ancient times.

It is also called neem in Hindi & Urdu, limdo in Gujarati, kadu-limba in Marathi, nimm in Punjabi, arya veppu in Malayalam and margosa & neeb in Arabic.

Know & Get Benefits of Neem

Neem benefits include neem uses such as its use as an effective tonic for conditions including constipation & indigestion. Neem tea also helps eliminate intestinal worms.

Among neem trees benefits is the neem twig which is popularly used as a tooth brush in many parts throughout India and rest of Asia. This makes teeth whiter and also treats & prevents gum problems.

  • Neem properties include its anti-viral action that is largely capable of destroying viruses. It also possesses anti-fungal agents that can effectively destroy fungi and inhibit its growth.
  • New studies show that uses of neem include neem leaf extracts that can help relieve eczema associated itching & redness. This benefit can be obtained by taking a warm bath (through water boiled with neem leaves).
  • In addition, uses of neem include the neem bath that can also heal & protect from mild skin infections.
  • For problems of acidity neem tea is a recommended natural remedy as its actions help neutralize excess stomach acid. It is also recommended for patients with hyperacidity.
  • Neem tea or neem products made from neem plant extract can work as blood purifier that aid in eradication of toxins from your blood. Moreover, it also enhances your immune system and enables it to fight and ward off infections.
  • Among benefits of neem is its use for improving general skin health as it is effective in combating bacterial infections.
  • Neem properties help in conditions of acne, ulcers & boils can give satisfactory results without side effects.
  • Along with the neem twig, neem bark is also made use of to treat bad mouth odor, sore gums and to maintain oral hygiene. This is among important benefits of neem and a reason for it being an ingredient used in oral care products.
  • The anti-feeding substance found in products of neem trees deter feeding insects but stop short of destroying the creatures.
  • There are anti-fertility neem properties which studies have found to be effective as a natural contraceptive useful in preventing pregnancy.

Potential neem side effects include allergic reactions and in some cases there may be health complications. Please refer to a professional doctor prior to using neem products.

This information helps you know to an extent about what is neem and also become aware of its full health benefits.

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