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Neem Leaves

What is Neem Leaf?

The neem tree has been often described as a drug store as it renders many medicinal Leaves of Neem are applied to gain many Neem Leaves Benefitsbenefits. Its bark, fruit, roots and leaves – each of these parts are used to treat specific health disorders and made use of in medicines that have shown effective results.

Neem leaves are known to contain nimbin, nimbolide, nimbandial, nimbinene and other beneficial compounds that have antiviral, antibacterial & antifungal properties as well as contraceptive & anti-inflammatory agents.

Get Benefits of Neem Leaves

The neem leaf has shown toxic effects on microorganisms & this anti microbial property finds uses in treating many infections & ailments.

Here are some neem leaves benefits:

  • Studies suggest that neem leaves extract absorbs & eliminates viruses. This stops spread of the virus to other parts of the body.
  • During a herpes virus outbreak consumption of tea prepared from leaves of neem and the application of neem ointment on cold sores relieves herpes symptoms & helps control the outbreak.
  • Neem leaves extract has many compounds that contain antiviral properties.
  • A preparation of paste from leaves of neem can be used to treat small pox & chicken pox by applying the paste on the skin.
  • You may surprised to know that neem leaves uses have also shown medicinal benefits. Neem leaves have been successfully used in treating eye disorders.
  • Neem leaves extract is effective in purifying blood, removing toxins & defend against inflictions and damage from free radicals in the body by neutralizing them.
  • The tender neem leaves benefits can be seen in its effectiveness against various parasitic infections as they contain unique anti-viral property.
  • Recent studies focused on plasma clotting time that made use of Russell’s viper venom revealed a clotting inhibitor contained in extract from leaves of neem.
  • The many uses of neem leaves included its effective actions in treating poisons & insect bites. This is due to an anti clotting agent that resides in neem leaf extract.
  • Neem leaves uses include its applications in treatment of ulcers and inflammations as they show significant anti-inflammatory & anti-ulcer activity.
  • The use of neem leaves extract in gastric conditions give reduction in both, severity & frequency of gastric mucosal lesions that are stress-induced.

Use this information in gaining knowledge about what is neem leaf & its associated health benefits.

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