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Anthropophobia – Fear of People or Society

Anthropophobia – Fear of People or Society

Anthropophobia or anthrophobia makes one experience an abnormal, persistent fear of Anthropophobia Causes Symptoms such as panic attack, rapid pulse and tremblingpeople. An anthrophobe experiences extraordinary & extreme discomfort in vicinity of other people.

Even though a person affected with this phobia may acknowledge that his or her fear is irrational, the phobia persists and influences their lives. They often arrange their activities in a way which ensures minimum interaction with others.

Know Anthropophobia Causes

This is a specific phobia that is more severe than a simple fear of being in social situations. It extends one to experience immense discomfort even in the company of a single person.

Fear of people or society can be caused due to a past traumatic event or negative experience involving an individual or a group of people, either known or total strangers. It can also be caused due to a lack of social exposure.

Some people with this phobia suffer from only mild symptoms. Anthropophobia causes others to experience such severe symptoms that the affected person may altogether avoid any type of human contact.

Identify Anthropophobia Symptoms

There are days when one feels like avoiding associating with people. But in case of anthropophobes, simply thinking about being in vicinity of a social situation can cause dread.

Some of the common anthropophobia symptoms:

  • Shunning social gatherings or crowds
  • Panic attack
  • Shortness of breath
  • Rapid pulse
  • Trembling
  • Feelings of dread, panic in vicinity of people

These symptoms are experienced by people with varying degrees of this phobia. It may be around small groups or in overcrowded social situations. Professional help can aid in minimizing or overcoming this phobia.

Anthropophobia Treatment

By their very nature, phobias are irrational, so one cannot put aside the fear with simple self-talk. Nonetheless, various therapy techniques are available that can help relieve or even cure anthropophobia.

Anthropophobia treatment plans may differ and be patient specific. Psychotherapists utilize a number of techniques, so as to decide on one that suit the person affected.

A very common therapy for anthropophobia patients is a method called systematic desensitization. It is a therapy that attempts to minimize fear & sufferings of an anthropophobe.

This is achieved by gradually exposing them to conditions where their object of fear is introduced to them. A healthy exposure to social situations in a controlled manner helps desensitize the patient.

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