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Arithmophobia – Fear of Numbers

Arithmophobia – Fear of Numbers

Arithmophobia is an aggravated, persistent fear of numbers. This specific phobia makes Arithmophobia - Fear of Numbersan arithmophobe overwhelmed by numbers.

It can be date, telephone number, zip code or a credit card number. People with this fear experience great discomfort around numbers.

They find it extremely difficult working up math problems or even looking at a list of numbers or dates.

A fear related to numbers can, in fact, also make them obsessed with numbers (albeit, with anxiety). They may keep a count of items, the time it takes to complete a task, try remembering the cost of an item.

Know Arithmophobia Causes

There are a number of reasons why arithmophobia can develop. It can be a traumatic experience or a negative response from someone that can lead to cause this phobia.

A small child, trying his hands at math, gets the sum wrong and is spanked by the teacher repeatedly. The humiliating & painful punishment gets embedded in the child’s brain and is associated with math.

Each time the child works with numbers, the humiliation comes back to mind. The child may acknowledge that numbers are harmless, but every time the child interacts with numbers, the fear, none the same, returns.

Arithmophobia causes anxiety associated with numbers in general, or it may be number specific, such as the number 13.

Identify Arithmophobia Symptoms

Fearing numbers can make one sweat profusely, such as on carrying out a simple count. Surprisingly, many with this phobia may still work with numbers, but will experience anxiety while doing so.

Some arithmophobia symptoms:

  • Nausea
  • Dizziness
  • Irregular heartbeat
  • Panic
  • Anxiety
  • Confusion

Those with a severe phobia associated with numbers may find it hard to work in some situations and also get limited opportunities in life as they find working with numbers difficult.

Arithmophobia Treatment

Several treatment options can help one overcome persistent fear. One such effective arithmophobia treatment involves exposure therapy. A therapist may talk with you to try and identify the root of your fear.

Once the underlying cause is identified, you may slowly be exposed to numbers in a gradual and friendly way. This is done to alleviate your fear and also to increase your confidence while working with numbers.

Medications may also be used along with therapy to decrease your level of anxiety and increase working comfort.

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