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Autophobia – Fear of Being Alone

Autophobia – Fear of Being Alone

Autophobia causes a fear of loneliness. This phobia can become debilitating, as it can Autophobia Fear of Being Aloneexpose one’s sense of insecurity & isolation. You may be clouded with doubts, sorrow & depression once affected with this phobia.

An autophobe cannot come to terms with loneliness & often fails to escape the gloomy moments when faced with solitary lifestyle.

Many people experience bouts of loneliness while others may feel a steady wave of loneliness shadowing their lives.

Some people do not have a fear of being alone but have a difficult time or are simply bored, being alone.

Know Autophobia Causes

This type of irrational fear normally results from some type of traumatic event or experience in the past. People suffering an autophobic condition display an inability of resting comfortably when alone, and need someone to stay nearby to give them company.

Losing someone such as a spouse or a partner can become a source of developing autophobia. The emotional grief experienced upon departure of a close companion or relative can aggravate feelings of deep loss.

The grief, through such a loss, will wane with time. But if a phobia sets foot in between, getting rid of it can become difficult.

Identify Autophobia Symptoms

Often, an autophobic will develop a heightened sense of fear thinking that there is an impending disaster waiting to happen, and that no one will be available for rescue.

It can also include fears of severe natural events such as getting struck by lightning or in event of an earthquake, getting trapped (alive) in debris.

Here are some of the autophobia symptoms:

  • Anxiety
  • Sweating
  • Dry mouth
  • Trembling
  • Rapid heartbeat
  • Nausea
  • Confusion
  • Inability to think or speak clearly
  • Fear of dying

An individual with autophobia can become extremely fearful of a break in or experience a stroke when there is no one to help during his or her predicament.

Autophobia Treatment

Therapy can help an autophobe by identifying the underlying causes of the phobia and resolve them with passage of time.

Cognitive behavior therapy method can initiate the process of altering behavioral reaction to circumstances that trigger the fear.

Effective autophobia treatment frequently involves a blend of medication & therapy. Anti-anxiety medication can render a calming effect & help decrease the overbearing sense of fear experienced by an autophobe.

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