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Barophobia – Fear of Gravity

Barophobia – Fear of Gravity

An extreme fearing of gravity is called barophobia. Those who fear this natural force will Symptoms of Barophobiafeel overpowered by its strength and its effect on the world around them.

People with barophobia may feel that the earth’s gravity will become forceful and cause them physical harm in some way. Such fears get amplified while in a lift or on an escalator.

Know Barophobia Causes

Barophobia may be caused due to a traumatic fall during childhood. Or it can be caused as a result of negative perceptions about damaging forces of gravity. Some people fear that gravity may fail altogether or suddenly grow powerful.

Fear of gravity can be experienced in its extreme form during a roller coaster ride or other rides that rock one to a fore to evoke sensations of thrill and excitement.

Barophobia causes a person to feel helpless when faced with thoughts about the forces of gravity. One might dread about gravity suddenly turning zero, and make everything hang in the air.

Identify Barophobia Symptoms

Symptoms of barophobia are much the same when compared to many other types of phobias. An individual suffering from barophobia, will, in general experience:

  • Difficulty breathing
  • Fast heartbeats
  • Dread
  • Anxiety
  • Panic

These barophobia symptoms become very noticeable when the person boards an elevator or an amusement park ride.

A barophobe may take extreme measures to avoid an elevator, escalator or other such utilities that make one feel gravity.

The barophobe, in general, experiences palpitations or shortness of breath under these circumstances.

Barophobia Treatment

Some treatment options for barophobia include exposure therapy & systematic desensitization.

Barophobia treatment involves elimination of fear & relaxation. In counter conditioning method the phobic person is requested to intentionally substitute his fearful feelings with relaxation.

While climbing stairs or descending in an elevator he is advised to employ deep breathing technique to conquer the irrational fear.

If the patient feels encouraged and shows improvement, the therapist will employ systematic desensitization & exposure therapy.

The patient may gradually be asked to take additional steps to prevail over his phobia. He may be requested to ride an elevator to rouse his phobia. Here, the relaxation techniques help him triumph over his fear of gravity.

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