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Cacophobia – Fear of Ugliness

Cacophobia – Fear of Ugliness

It is quite natural to have a sense of disgust or feel averse about things that look ugly. But Cacophobia Symptomswhen you have an overwhelming, persistent trepidation about ugliness, you have cacophobia.

Sometimes, this irrational fear of ugliness develops during early days of childhood, associated with appalling uncertainties that arrive with changing levels of self admiration.

Especially those who are looked down upon as unattractive or are deemed as imperfectly constituted, are often exposed to evaluations and opinions that personally hurt.

Know Cacophobia Causes

It is a highly odd phobia. But just like other types of anxiety disorders, cacophobia causes include a number of events that can trigger the phobia.

A phobic person may have had an extended exposure to images of people with abnormal expressions on their face, such as those related to crime or trauma.

A circle of friends, relatives or peers may have negative perceptions and distaste of ugly looking people. There may have been a repulsive event where a cacophobe had to spend a long period with a person having ugly facial features.

With time, the person may develop severe anxiety related to the object of the fear. So much so that any type of recollection of the event causes negative reactions.

Identify Cacophobia Symptoms

Symptoms can become evident and display when the cacophobe is in vicinity of ugly people or objects. The symptoms may become intense if the phobic person finds difficulty in leaving or escaping from unpleasant situations.

Here are some of the cacophobia symptoms:

  • Fast heart beat
  • Nervousness
  • Sweating
  • Panic attack
  • Nausea
  • Dizziness

An individual with cacophobia will turn fearful and face trouble when in public spaces as there is a constant fear about cacophobia triggers.

Cacophobia Treatment

Psychotherapy is an effective treatment that can help in identifying the root cause of cacophobia. It helps in a better understanding about how the phobia developed over time.

A psychotherapist may also render advice about managing the condition effectively. Systematic desensitization may also be introduced as part of cacophobia treatment.

The therapist works with the patient in a managed environment to lessen the fear and also increasing the level of comfort when in vicinity of the feared object.

Patients may also be prescribed and benefit from anti anxiety medications. Family support also plays an important role in treating cacophobia.

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One Response to “Cacophobia – Fear of Ugliness”

  1. alex
    August 1, 2012 at 8:36 am #

    I have this bothering feeling whenever I see this person. He is a schoolmate of mine and plans to court me since 2nd year high school. And to be honest, I don’t like his features, that’s why, from that day on, I’m frightened about him. Well, even when the times that he has no plan of courting me, I don’t like him. I can’t even say his name or look at him. Whenever he comes around, I panic. I want to escape. So, I just want to ask, is this cacophobia? Thanks. :)

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