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Entomophobia: Fear of Insects

What is Entomophobia?

Entomophobia is an abnormal fear of insects. People suffering from this phobia feel panic Entomophobia - Fear of insectsat the thought or sight of insects.

Only a small number of insects are harmful, a fact that is overlooked by the sufferer because of overwhelming negative perceptions about insects.

Get Aware of Entomophobia Causes

Similar to many phobias, entomophobia causes include a traumatic or frightening incident in childhood involving insects.

Many people fear insects even though a majority of insects are not harmful. If you have fear for insects running in your family, then you can be a possible candidate.

Being stung by an insect you are allergic to, may also contribute to the phobia. Having an allergy to insects can lead to an allergic reaction that is traumatic, which may make one fearful of insects.

Identify Entomophobia Symptoms

A phobic person can experience anxiety upon sighting or through accidental contact with an insect. Such an experience can develop into a full-blown panic attack.

Here are some Entomophobia Symptoms:

  • Panic
  • Anxiety
  • Increased pulse rate
  • Shortness of breath
  • Rapid heartbeat
  • Trembling
  • Feeling of terror

In an extreme case the sufferer may faint for a brief period. Common symptoms include crying or an urge to cry, a strong feeling of being trapped and to flee from the area.

Get Entomophobia Treatment

The treatments usually involve therapy & counseling. This, combined with medicines can help provide a good amount of relief from associated symptoms.

As with other phobias, talking with your doctor or psychotherapist about your fears about insects can also help you overcome related fear and anxiety.

Medications can also be helpful in minimizing panic attacks. Therapy sessions help identify the root causes and with passage of time and treatment help deal with situations that cause anxiety.

Another entomophobia treatment approach is systematic desensitization, which is a behavior technique based on principles of classical conditioning.

This is a therapeutic approach that tries to reduce link between anxiety & object of fear that produces the anxiety.

The primary goal is to gradually reduce or eliminate the fear and prepare the patient to easily & successfully cope with the phobia.

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