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Equinophobia – Fear of Horses

Equinophobia – Fear of Horses

Equinophobia is an overwhelming, persistent and irrational dread of horses. People who Equinophobia Symptomsfear horses are overawed by strength speed and muscles of a horse.

Another factor is a horse’s unpredictable nature. Fear of horses or equinophobia can cause intense panic or anxiety just by thinking about horses let alone being in its vicinity. Equinophobia can prove debilitating & hinder normal functioning of a phobic.

Know Equinophobia Causes

One can develop this phobia as a result of traumatic event or experience involving a horse. A person may have taken a horse kick or been on a wild horse ride that has left one shaken.

People may start fearing horses after they have read about horrifying experiences. Equinophobia causes include a negative event such as when someone is thrown off a horse during a ride or got trampled.

It may simply be a case of fearing the horse itself due to its impressive size and mass. Horses have big teeth and this can frighten certain people. While on a horse ride, a feeling of losing control can make equinophobia worse.

Horses by their very nature are strong & at times, unpredictable. This makes some people think about horses as overbearing, imposing beasts and as such they are more likely get fearful of horses.

Identify Equinophobia Symptoms

Equinophobia often triggers classic symptoms that are evident and observable. A person with equinophobia will mostly find it difficult glancing or facing horses.

Here are some of the equinophobia symptoms:

  • Panic
  • Fast breathing
  • Anxiety
  • Sweating
  • Fast heartbeat
  • Trembling
  • Nausea

Those with an increased fear may display symptoms such as a full blown panic attack. In some cases, a phobic individual may become so fearful that fleeing from the object of fear would be the only thinkable option.

Equinophobia Treatment

Treatment for equinophobia may involve effective techniques such as exposure therapy, behavioral therapy or psychotherapy. These therapies often work by subjecting the patient to a step by step exposure to a horse.

Some therapists may also use medications that are administered to manage and control the phobic’s reaction towards the fear.

In all the methods of equinophobia treatment used to eliminate a phobic’s fear, the main goal is helping the patient overcome his or her fear & enable normal functioning.

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