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Heliophobia – Fear of the Sun

Heliophobia – Fear of the Sun

Heliophobia is a blown up, persistent fear of the sun or sunlight that can also comprise of Heliophobia - Fear of the Sunan amplified sensitivity to sunlight.

Most individuals with heliophobia will shun suggestions of venturing in sunlight as it can trigger feelings of anxiety & panic. In addition to fearing sun or sunlight, people with this phobia may even dread bright lights too.

Know Heliophobia Causes

Heliophobia may be a learned fear for some. A very realistic reason for the fear being so strong is the scientific report about skin cancer occurring in those with over- exposure to the sun.

Such information can be misinterpreted by the phobic person that abstaining from extended exposure to sunlight can save their skin from the dreaded disease. This fixated inclination can result in intense fearful response.

There is also a possibility that an individual may have suffered from severe sunburns and this traumatic experience can become a valid cause for heliophobia.

Other heliophobia causes can be a deep seated belief in those who have undergone skin cancer treatment. They may possess fear of the sun, as they have apprehensions about a recurrence of skin cancer. They act in response by just avoiding the sun whenever possible.

Additional heliophobia causes include obsessive compulsive disorder (in case it includes an overwhelming fear of developing skin cancer).

Identify Heliophobia Symptoms

Your fear may cause you to experience varying degrees of anxiety. You may be unable to think or speak clearly, lose control, become detached from reality. A case of severe phobia may even result in a full blown panic attack.

Here are some of the heliophobia symptoms:

  • Fast breathing
  • Profuse sweating
  • Dry mouth
  • Nausea
  • Dizziness
  • Fast pulse rate
  • Fear of dying

Most people with heliophobia symptoms recognize that their fears are irrational. Nonetheless, they find themselves helpless when facing the object of fear and it can bring about extreme anxiety.

Get Aware of Heliophobia Treatment

If the fear becomes severe enough and upsets a heliophobe to such a degree so as to cause hindrance in normal functioning, professional help should be sought at the earnest.

A common method of heliophobia treatment involves therapy sessions with a psychologist. A phobic individual may find such traditional treatment calming as it acts as a channel where one can talk about one’s fears openly.

Additionally, medicines such as anti-anxiety pills may be prescribed together with psychotherapy as part of heliophobia treatment. This helps in reducing a patient’s anxiety level and fear.

Another effective treatment involves support groups that have proved to be very successful. Here, tips about how to tackle the phobia are discussed among group members.

Integrating with such groups can increase chances of major recovery with experiences that are similar get compared and exchanged. Various techniques teaching how to come to terms with this phobia are shared with each other.

Support groups can be very beneficial as patients feel confident talking with others in the group who hold similar experiences.

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