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Hemophobia: Fear of Blood

What is Hemophobia?

Hemophobia is extreme fear of blood. It is a common phobia affecting people. A specific Hemophobia - Fear of bloodphobia, it is primarily triggered due to a particular situation.

Learn Hemophobia Causes

Hemophobia is widely viewed to have roots in other types of phobias such as fear of medical needles.

The phobia can also be caused due to past experience with blood that was unpleasant. However, it can also result from a traumatic injury that caused a significant loss of blood in self or otherwise.

Some sufferers see bleeding as an indication of a severe damage to the body. As a result, seeing one’s own blood or others bleeding is enough to trigger an anxiety attack.

Hemophobia Symptoms for You

An individual with hemophobia can exhibit symptoms that can rarely be seen in other types of phobias.

In severe cases of hemophobia incidence of fainting can also be experienced. However, fainting is viewed to be a response to feared stimuli and is also referred in medical terms as emotional fainting.

Here are some Hemophobia Symptoms:

  • Drop in blood pressure
  • Sweating
  • Drop in heartbeat
  • Nausea
  • Shaking
  • Fainting
  • Light-headedness
  • Feeling of imminent physical harm

Hemophobia causes negative psychological and social impact. The patient tries to avoid situations where he thinks there is a possibility of facing blood.

This can lead to increase in illness and disease as the phobic person may abstain from taking treatments that include injections or surgical operations.

Hemophobia Treatment Options

Although a serious specific type of phobia, hemophobia is treatable with many treatment options.

Behavior therapy focuses on identification of trigger points. The sufferer is made to unlearn reactions to triggers in a gradual manner.

Through this therapy, the sufferer visualizes & practices how to manage himself when he sees blood. The sufferer learns gradually to disassociate himself from feelings of harm or danger linked with blood.

Flooding is a form of exposure treatment giving the individual exposure to triggers up to a time he develops confidence and easily copes with associated anxiety.

Moreover, medications and therapies are also combined as a part of hemophobia treatment.

Moreover, a helpful, skilled therapist can help you fully to overcome your fear of blood & other phobia related anxieties.

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