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Herpetophobia – Fear of Reptiles

Herpetophobia – Fear of Reptiles

A relatively common phobia, herpetophobia is a fear & dread of reptiles. Besides having Herpetophobia Symptomsan overwhelming dislike for lizards or snakes the phobia makes a person so fearful that it can become debilitating.

An underlying reason for fear of reptiles very often is an early traumatic experience involving reptiles. Some people become panicky just by looking at an image of reptiles.

Know Herpetophobia Causes

A herpetophobic has probably suffered a negative event around a reptile that lingers on in memory for most of his or her life.

An individual may associate negative feelings with reptiles even though there is no actual threat from the object of fear.

Away from face to face encounters or learned fears, an obsession with reptiles can also be among other herpetophobia causes.

You can become obsessive about reptiles through visual media which feature things about reptiles that hold your imagination. This may lead to inward feelings of dread as the object of fear gets magnified and this can cause intense anxiety.

Identify Herpetophobia Symptoms

A person with fear of reptiles will avoid going to the zoo or other places if reptiles are likely to be present in the facility. They will most likely avoid outdoor activities such as field walks and nature camps.

Here are some of the herpetophobia symptoms:

  • Fast breathing
  • Sweating
  • Nausea
  • Shaking
  • Quick pulse rate
  • Crying
  • Panic
  • Screaming
  • Loss of control

Herpetophobia causes symptoms which may be mild or severe. Feelings of nausea & profuse perspiration are the milder symptoms while extreme reactions include a full-blown panic attack or fleeing from the spot.

Herpetophobia Treatment

A visit to the therapist’s office is an important step towards discovering the root cause and that your fear can be overcome. You may soon become aware of the fact that your fear can only remain if you allow it to exist within you.

New ways of responding to your fear will be learned and effective methods to hold your fear response are also taught, as part of herpetophobia treatment, to better manage future incidents.

Herpetophobia symptoms can be dealt with in the proper perspective through herpetophobia treatment that work towards phobia management & cure.

Left untreated, your phobia can exacerbate and become debilitating. The adopted treatment approach largely depends on the therapist’s method & the patient’s preferences. Psychotherapy is useful in finding out the underlying reasons that have lead to cause the phobia.

It delves into the phobic’s thoughts & beliefs about the feared object. A psychotherapist can work with you & design a treatment plan that fits your needs.

Cognitive behavioral therapy is another effective approach used to treat people with herpetophobia. This technique trains on the individual’s thoughts that fashion his or her behaviors towards the feared object.

The phobic gets an insight and becomes aware about the thought process and responses to a given stimuli. This helps in changing their outlook related to reptiles and bringing about an increased level of comfort, through exposure to images or by facing a reptile.

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