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Hydrophobia: Fear of Water

What is Hydrophobia?

Hydrophobia is abnormal fear of water. It is a specific phobia in which the fearHydrophobia - Fear of water experienced through the object (water) is beyond the sufferer’s control even with a realization that there is no imminent threat.

Hydrophobia Causes for You

Fear of water can take root as a result of direct or indirect learning experiences.

Direct Learning Experience: Can include a personal experience or a traumatic event that has occurred at some point in the life of the sufferer.

Indirect Learning Experiences: Involve visually experiencing trauma or accidents related to water or through frightening dreams.

Auditory Modality Origin: Reading books about accidents that involve water, hearing stories (including aggravated versions) or talking about it.

Subconscious Learning: The sufferer could have learned to fear water and this can manifest itself subconsciously via negative childhood experience.

Learn About Hydrophobia Symptoms

When an individual displays fear of swimming in deep water, it is understood to be a rational fear associated with drowning.

However, a hydrophobic person can exhibit extreme fear towards bodies of water such as bathtub or swimming pools (also rivers or oceans).

Although the sufferer may openly acknowledge that there is no threat of drowning in a bathtub, however, hydrophobia causes dread when he is in proximity of water bodies.

Here are Some Hydrophobia Symptoms:

  • Sweating
  • Rapid heartbeat
  • Nausea
  • Shaking
  • Fainting
  • Overwhelming fear of drowning

In addition, a hydrophobic tries to avoid situations where he thinks there is a possibility of facing bodies of water he already feels threatened with.

Hydrophobia Treatment Options

Reactions can range in severity and can vary from one individual to another. With professional help available, the phobia can be cured or its severity be decreased significantly to a point where anxiety attacks are rooted out as much as possible.

As with other phobias, the treatment consists of medications, therapies and counseling. These can include behavior therapy that focus on smoothening reactions to triggers.

Exposure treatment such as flooding is also helpful that gives enough exposure to the sufferer until he can easily cope with associated anxiety and overcome his fears.

Therapies may be combined with medications as part of hydrophobia treatment.

Moreover, a skilled therapist can help you confidently overcome your fear & other anxieties related to the phobia.


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