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Leukophobia – Fear of the Color White

Leukophobia – Fear of the Color White

Leukophobia is the fear or dread for anything that is white colored. This specific fear can Leukophobia - Fear of the Color Whitego beyond objects that possess a white color and extend to people with white colored skin or even to snow.

People suffering with this phobia can grow very distraught. In some, leukophobia causes high levels of fear, anxiety & depression which they may experience with varying intensity.

For some people, leukophobia or fear of the color white is associated with anything that has a semblance of whiteness. Leukophobia symptoms are found in, and affect people suffering from obsessive compulsive disorder.

For those in whom the phobia causes symptoms, so severe that it disrupts life and its normal functioning, seeking leukophobia treatment becomes necessary.

Know Leukophobia Causes

Experts opine that phobias generally arise due to a combination of traumatic events & genetics and heredity. For some, it can be a learned phobia when someone else’s fear is taken as one’s own.

A phobic may have taken up the fear from an adult who has white phobia. You may fail to recognize your fear the color, as it has embedded your mind for a very long period of time.

Phobias are often linked to a specific event that has taken place in the past. It is mostly a traumatic incident, often suffered during childhood.

Sometimes, an individual starts to feel that he or she has made a number of faulty decisions on several occasions which may adversely affect their life in future.

For many, the color white becomes a symbol that begins to stand as a bare reminder about things they have messed up in life.

Identify Leukophobia Symptoms

Symptoms differ among those affected that depend on the intensity of fear about the object of dread.

On seeing the color white, leukophobia causes reactions such as nervousness and panic that may arise in a phobic person.

Here are some of the leukophobia symptoms:

  • Sweating
  • Fast pulse
  • Panic
  • Trembling
  • Quick breathing
  • Nausea

In some cases, severity of the phobia may result in a full blown panic attack or the phobic person may even try to flee from the place where he or she is overtaken by fear.

Leukophobia Treatment

There are various treatment options available to tackle this phobia. As it is a rare type of fear, therapies are often custom tailored according to a phobic person’s requirements.

But first and foremost, it will require a long term commitment from the affected individual to stick with the treatment & also to have a belief that he or she can overcome the phobia.

Exposure therapy and systematic desensitization are among some of the effective leukophobia treatment that can gradually bring about a change in reactions to wards one’s fears.

In all the methods and techniques, the primary goal is to relieve the anxiety associated with the phobia. Medicines may sometimes be used along with therapies to bring down and control the anxiety levels in a patient.

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