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Lilapsophobia – Fear of Tornadoes & Hurricanes

What is Lilapsophobia?

Lilapsophobia is the fear of tornadoes and hurricanes.  It is an even more aggravatedLilapsophobia Causes excessive fear of tornadoes & hurricanes which displays Lilapsophobia Symptoms form of astraphobia or fear of thunder & lightning.

The fact that you suffer from lilapsophobia, makes you more anxious and fearful of storms turning severe and resulting in a hurricane or tornado. This is a relatively common type of phobia.

Know Lilapsophobia Causes

Just like other phobias, fear of tornadoes & hurricanes is often associated with a negative experience. It can have its root in a past event of severe weather that affected you or caused property damage or personal injury to self or to someone you know.

You may have escaped a tornado that resulted in extensive damage to your neighborhood. Such experience, which is among lilapsophobia causes, may leave you shaken & fearful and possibly result in survivor guilt too.

It is also possible that you have experienced a truly devastating storm, which would make it necessary for you to seek professional advice.

Fear of tornadoes and hurricanes can also be a result of learned experiences. If someone in your family or relatives have lilapsophobia, you are more likely to pick up a similar fear.

Identify Lilapsophobia Symptoms

People with lilapsophobia often think that their life is controlled by the weather. You may expend much of your time looking out for weather alerts & reject any suggestion about venturing outside on days when weather reports predict a storm.

If a storm alert is reported, you may start behaving curiously and display lilapsophobia symptoms. You may hide under the bed or below a table or even prepare a full tornado plan when it starts to rain.

You may at the height of anxiety, try to muffle the sounds of a storm by loudly playing your audio system.

Being alone can really worsen your lilapsophobia. You may start to panic, call on your friends or prefer to stay with a group of people so that you are not left alone.

Lilapsophobia Treatment

As with many other phobias, lilapsophobia can be treated with cognitive-behavioral therapy. In case your phobia results from post-traumatic stress disorder, lilapsophobia treatment involves other therapy options that can prove more helpful.

A therapist will try to diagnose your root cause of phobia. He may then prescribe an appropriate course of action. It is important to find a good therapist, one you trust to overcome your fears.

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