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Megalophobia – Fear of Large Things

Megalophobia – Fear of Large Things

Megalophobia causes you to feel overwhelmed and fearful of large things. Such a fear Megalophobia Symptomsmay also widen to include sport fields, malls or vast open spaces in the fear list.

The big, open and vast size of certain places can have a profound effect on a megalophobe and render feelings of being very insignificant, small & also very vulnerable.

Leaving megalophobia or fear of large things untreated will in most cases upset personal life and well being. This will ultimately necessitate help of a professional therapist to overcome the fear and

Know Megalophobia Causes

A phobia is generally a result of a traumatic event or negative, painful experience in the past, particularly in childhood. Megalophobia causes are never solitary and can develop due to a number of reasons.

It may get triggered following an event or may occur for no explainable reason. Such phobias are very common in those with phobic traits. Another factor that can fuel fear is when there is a sense of losing control over self.

The manner or way in which you respond to an overwhelming environment that consists of something huge or gigantic can trigger an overwhelming response.

It can endorse a feeling that makes you believe you are not in control anymore of your surrounding environment, a reason that can make you experience high level of anxiety.

Your response to overpowering environment such as big spaces or large objects often dictates your feelings regarding the sense of control you have of your surroundings. Here, megalophobia causes some to suffer panic attacks & feelings of dread.

Identify Megalophobia Symptoms

A very noticeable symptom of this phobia is avoidance. A megalophobe may choose a small vehicle instead of a large one. They may keep themselves to smaller settings to large ones such as small sized lodge to big hotels.

Here are some of the megalophobia symptoms:

  • Sweating
  • Fast heartbeat
  • Nausea
  • Trembling
  • Dizziness
  • Loss of control
  • Crying
  • Fainting

In most cases, those with megalophobia symptoms will abstain from taking part in activities that they think is overbearing such as becoming overwhelmed with situations or objects they regard as excessively large.

Megalophobia Treatment

Therapy is often an effective option, especially if the phobia is severe. It can help a phobic gradually restructure responses to a feared situation.

Emotional responses to presence of large things amplify your anxiety. This is true for all future occurrences that involve the feared object. A therapist helps you recognize your fear and the reason behind it.

Exposure therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy are a valuable part of megalophobia treatment that can turn out to be helpful & bring about good results.

The main objective of these therapies is to help a person with a phobia overcome the feared object or situations that trigger his or her fear.

Additionally, such methods of megalophobia treatment encourage one to tackle the phobia confidently so as to manage the emotional & physical symptoms effectively.

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