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Nyctophobia – Fear of the Dark

Nyctophobia – Fear of the Dark

Most of us view the dark as a timeNyctophobia Symptoms sweating and feeling of dread to take rest and refresh ourselves, but some fear the darkness and garner anxieties during the dark. They are those who suffer from nyctophobia or fear of the dark.

Such individuals have an abnormal, persistent dread for the period that follows past sunset. They seek protection by enclosing themselves behind doors of their residence.

Know Nyctophobia Causes

There is no single cause for this phobia. Reasons for this fear can vary dramatically between individuals. Some perceive this fear to be dread of the dark and equate darkness with evil.

Others view objects linked with darkness as satanic or wicked and are the ones who often suffer nyctophobia symptoms. Drinking, fights, murders, occult activities, or scary animals are viewed as a part of the particularly evil dark environment they so much fear.

Nyctophobia can become deep rooted during childhood years through those whom the phobic knew or admired such as parents or a family friend who had this fear.

A personal experience about something dreadful or cruel that had happened during darkness may also be among nyctophobia causes and a reason for instilling such fear.

Identify Nyctophobia Symptoms

Symptoms can result due to a number of reasons and be as varied. It depends on the intensity of fear one has about the object of fear. But one thing is certain – nyctophobia causes the nyctophobe to avoid venturing outdoors during nighttime.

Here are some of the nyctophobia symptoms:

  • Breathlessness
  • Sweating
  • Nausea
  • Feeling of dread
  • Fast heartbeat
  • Panic
  • Crying
  • Screaming

Those with an abnormal fear will take extreme measures to shun events or an invitation that requires going out during night time. Avoidance is one of the strategies most frequently used by a phobic person to tackle a dreaded situation.

Nyctophobia Treatment

Treating nyctophobia is not always easy. One reason is that there often are other phobias under the umbrella of dark fear. These fears comprise of fear of the unknown, fear of evil as well as fear of the dark.

Identifying the underlying cause of the fear is an important element that aids in finding and devising ways to tackle and manage the symptoms of the fear through nyctophobia treatment.

Behavior therapy is an effective nyctophobia treatment that is frequently made use of. It helps correct responses towards fear stimuli. Therapists most often use this method to treat their phobic client as it also brings forth fruitful and encouraging results.

This therapeutic technique involves rectifying the responses of an affected individual when faced with fear stimulus.

It also permits a therapist to ease out the path on a phobic individual during difficult moments, often at times when their client is at the end of his or her wits and desperately wants to flee the situation.

Support groups and friends can also prove helpful in providing encouragement in boosting confidence of a phobic and altering personal reaction to the feared situation.

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