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Octophobia – Fear of the Figure 8

Octophobia – Fear of the Figure 8

Fearing certain numbers is a lot Octophobia Causes Symptoms such as profuse sweating and loss of controlcommon than you would think. A fear of number eight leads to a fear which can sometimes extend to other phobias. Some may decline to reside in a home that has number 8 on its address or climb stairs totaling eight (taking the lift instead).

Those who possess an abnormal fear of the figure 8 suffer from octophobia. Many experts opine that this fear has its roots in superstition.

Some express views that octophobia causes a feeling where one feels a sense of being trapped, without any chance of an escape.

Know Octophobia Causes

An octophobic person generally associates his or her fear to a hidden threat and to an inescapable situation. Some also feel a looming danger that is more or less related to the number itself or to its pattern.

For some, the figure eight pattern spirals into a never ending curve that can make them dizzy (after glaring at it for a period of time).

Surprisingly, most people with this fear believe their phobia is justifiable and that it does not have a cure, whatever the underlying octophobia causes.

In some cases the fear develops as a result of traumatic or painful incident in the past, as in childhood. It may be a learned fear or a case where the fear is allowed to grow by delving into the never-ending loop that the figure eight possesses.

Identify Octophobia Symptoms

Merely glancing at the figure eight rarely draws a strong response from octophobes. But gazing continually on the number and focusing on the loop can make them suffer from intense panic. They may garner a feeling of getting trapped, with no means of an escape.

Here are some of the octophobia symptoms:

  • Fast heartbeat
  • Profuse sweating
  • Quick breathing
  • Feelings of dread
  • Loss of control
  • Psychological distress

A person with octophobia symptoms knows that the fear is not rational but they have no control over their fears and as such feel they cannot face the object of fear on their own. It is a situation where professional help is required.

Octophobia Treatment

Octophobia is often difficult to manage and treat. Nonetheless, there are some good options available to treat people suffering from this phobia.

As a matter of fact, it is not possible for an octophobe to avoid every instance where the number 8 appears, a reason why octophobia treatment can offer need help.

Usually this phobia is very manageable through simple approaches such as avoidance. But if such measures do not help you manage the fear, approaching a professional therapist for octophobia treatment would be appropriate.

A therapist will help curtail fears that you have gained through past experiences or events. The therapist will talk to you and try to get to the source of your fear.

This will make you more aware about your phobia and also better understand why you respond to the feared object the way you do.

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