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Papyrophobia – Fear of Paper

Papyrophobia – Fear of Paper

When a person has an abnormal Papyrophobia Causes Symptoms such as sweating and quick breathingand persistent fear for paper he or she is said to suffer from papyrophobia.

Even though an individual with this phobia realizes that his or her fear is unreasonable, in some, just glancing at the object of fear is enough to provoke a reaction.

As it is difficult to avoid any or every interaction with paper, a papyrophobe may find his or her fears getting worse over time. This may give rise to an increase in anxiety levels that may, after a period, possibly start to hinder daily activities.

Know Papyrophobia Causes

A papyrophobe encompasses fear of paper to varying degrees and in different forms such as, one may fear plain sheets of paper, while others may display nervousness when faced with a crumpled ball of paper.

Some phobics report they have a high level of anxiety that is often relative to the paper’s size. Others indicate papyrophobia causes such as fear about paper tear ups, after the paper gets drenched.

In the eyes of a papyrophobe crumpled paper may symbolize damage or causality. This may appear as bizarre to others without such fears, but to a phobic, this is enough to convey their fear.

As has been seen, papyrophobia causes many levels of fear. A number of reasons exist for an individual to develop such kind of fear. A traumatic event experienced during the past can also lead to cause this unexplainable fear.

Identify Papyrophobia Symptoms

Symptoms such as rigidity may be experienced by a papyrophobe when coming across papers. There is a visible amount of tenseness that is apparent and which comes to one’s notice, as a phobic person tries to come to terms with his or her fear of paper.

Here are some of the papyrophobia symptoms:

  • Sweating
  • Fast heart beat
  • Quick breathing
  • Panic attack
  • Weeping or crying
  • Urge to flee

Those with severe papyrophobia symptoms may become increasingly panicky as they believe that in vicinity of paper, they may somehow fall victim to an impending disaster.

Papyrophobia Treatment

Taking the help of a professional therapist is the first positive step towards recovery. The therapist will help locate and identify a root cause, which may be an incident that permitted the fear to develop.

If the fear is ever-present, again, taking help of a therapist can be a life saver as it enables you to learn the methods of coping with the fear trigger. It also gives you time to ponder over the reasons as to how and why you have the fear embedded in you.

An effective papyrophobia treatment may then be devised to repair the damage done by the phobia. The patient may be exposed to the object of fear, gradually, until a level of confidence returns and which encourages a relaxed response on subsequent encounters.

Support groups, part of papyrophobia treatment, can also play an important follow-up role that goes hand in hand with the action plan which deals with the patient’s fear.

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