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Philophobia – Fear of Love

What is Philophobia?

When you have a fear of getting A girl looks scaredinvolved with someone or falling in love, you have philophobia. A fear of losing control over oneself is one of the many reasons that lead to cause this phobia, the fear of love.

It is often the foremost feeling why a phobic avoids getting emotionally involved with someone. Such phobics may like to keep their emotions in check and reserve their affections and behavior in public.

When someone tries to cross these personal boundaries, a phobic personality starts to panic and tries to keep distant.

Know Philophobia Causes

A most obvious reason, as in all other phobias, is attributed to a traumatic event or a negative experience in the past. Some phobics feel the sense of vulnerability and a loss of control (on getting involved with an individual) makes it very difficult to fall into a relationship.

The phobic personality may have observed something related to the phobia in a friend or family member. Or philophobia causes can have its roots in observations imposed by an influencing adult resulting in the philophobe developing a negative view about life.

Others may find it hard to comprehend the emotional upheavals experienced by philophobes due to the nature of the fear. Even if a phobic does not face any physical abuse, the mental torment is often, very strong.

Identify Philophobia Symptoms

Symptoms can be more of an emotional nature than physical. Once a philophobe begins experiencing anxiety, philophobia causes an overwhelming fear that can start to engulf their psyche. This cycle can mentally drain the phobic personality.

Here are some of the philophobia symptoms:

  • Sweating
  • Nausea
  • Dizziness
  • Breathlessness
  • Dry mouth
  • Panic
  • Weeping
  • Crying
  • Urge to flee

A philophobe is more likely to experience philophobia symptoms that are emotional, and these can become very overpowering sometimes.

It can be an emotional roller coaster that they ride on, and a one which can prove debilitating, one which can disrupt the normal life functioning in some cases.

Philophobia Treatment

The best approach to take care of this emotional phobia is to take the help of a professional psychotherapist who will work with the patient before deciding on an appropriate philophobia treatment.

The treatment will require, on the patient’s part, an amount of reasonable education in the sphere of relationships. Moreover, it may also involve a logical training of the brain so that it makes dealing with the fear, easy.

This is an essential part of the treatment as it teaches the patient to effectively deal with the fear stimulation which may occur more often than not.

The therapist will talk and look at all aspects of the patient’s anxiety and fears and try to identify the cause that lead to the development of fear of love.

Gradually, the patient will be taught to alter response to a given stimuli. The therapist may use medications for philophobia treatment along with other therapy methods to reduce the level of anxiety.

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