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Phobophobia – Fear of Phobias

What is Phobophobia?

Phobophobia is a fear of developing Phobophobia symptoms such as anxiety and avoidanceor getting a phobia. This phobia is more associated to anxiety rather than to a distinct devastating fear.

A phobic individual may have anxiety attacks with a belief that a phobia is the cause, but do not know what type of phobia they have.

They are perplexed at the thought of acquiring a phobia and the extent of fear it has caused. They have profound anxieties related to fear of phobias.

Know Phobophobia Causes

When anxiety disorders are left untreated, phobophobia can start to take root and also create a gateway for other phobias to develop.

Phobophobia or fear of phobias can also develop as a result of the patient’s personality. This phobia, in a way, may create a harmful cycle by flooding the phobic’s mind with a number of other phobias.

Any material or indefinable thing can result in anxiety a phobic may feel. Strangely, the descriptions, photos and ideas offered by the media can also play a role and are among phobophobia causes.

A phobic person may become obliged or is directed to listen about the dreadfulness or abnormality of a phobia. This may have ultimately frightened the phobic personality and lead to development of the fear.

Identify Phobophobia Symptoms

A number of people with phobophobia get a heady rush which results in pronounced anxiety. In turn, this can cause stress associated symptoms. This leaves a phobic person open to additional phobias to fear.

Here are some of the phobophobia symptoms:

  • Anxiety
  • Sweating
  • Fast breathing
  • Feeling Faint
  • Dizziness
  • Fast pulse rate
  • Avoidance

In some cases, a phobophobe has a single or multiple phobias. Some are scared of developing one (if not affected already). Though not frequently, phobophobia is associated with other anxiety disorders. A person with phobophobia symptoms is wary of just about anything that may be associated to a phobia.

Phobophobia Treatment

Phobophobia usually responds well to classic phobia treatments. These include exposure therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy.

But phobophobia causes may as well be associated to other anxiety disorders. So it may become necessary to deal with other existing conditions and resolve them before commencing any phobophobia treatment.

Your therapist will try to identify all underlying disorders and devise a personalized phobophobia treatment plan to meet your individual needs. Although difficult, phobophobia can be cured with proper planning and treatment.

An effective way of treating this phobia is to join support groups. These groups comprise of people with similar experiences that they share among themselves. They also speak about techniques and methods that helped them the most in overcoming their fear.

This can have a holistic healing effect on an affected individual and he or she will realize that other people besides them too have similar fears.

Support groups can also present an opportunity to such people to interact and socialize frequently which they otherwise, seldom have access to. This can have positive impact on the overall psyche of those affected.

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