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Podophobia – Fear of Feet

What is Podophobia?

When you have feelings of An upper view of feet togetherdread about feet you have podophobia. This fear can make you feel highly irritated and distressed at the sight of your own or other people’s feet.

Podophobia causes you to feel anxious or feel highly uneasy even on hearing people discuss about feet. Sometimes, people with fear of feet also may not prefer others seeing or touching their feet.

Know Podophobia Causes

Most people with podophobia have had a traumatic event or negative experience in the past, often during childhood, involving feet. Experts believe that it can be an inherited phobia or it may have no explainable reason.

In some cases, a podophobe may have suffered from injuries after getting kicked. The humiliating experience can linger on in the psychological makeup of the phobic  personality and lead to cause the fear.

This phobia can affect and alter your daily functioning. You may often feel miserable and loathe those around you. Besides kindling frustration, podophobia causes embarrassment to many.

As this is a unique type of fear, other people (without this phobia) may not even acknowledge its existence and may even make fun of you.

Identify Podophobia Symptoms

Symptoms of podophobia may become apparent through abnormal behavior such as when a phobic tries to hide his or feet either using socks or shoes, unnecessarily.

Here are some of the podophobia symptoms:

  • Sweating
  • Fast breath
  • Nausea
  • Palpitations
  • Panic attack
  • Avoidance
  • Urge to flee

Though not dangerous by itself, podophobia is an irrational fear that makes a phobic feel incapable of escaping the condition. It is a recurring fear that can lead to repeated panic attacks.

Podophobia Treatment

Besides exposure therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy, a recently developed neuro linguistic program has been found effective in treating podophobia.

This podophobia treatment is observed to be a very successful method for conquering many other abnormal fears too. The technique enables you to construct a reality for yourself which helps you reshape your psychological setup.

There is an element of ease as you can fully manipulate and control your environment, thus giving you firmer grip on your emotions.

Systematic desensitization is another method that has met with success in treating phobias. The focus of systematic desensitization is to create awareness in the phobic and make him or her realize that their fears are totally unfounded and illogical.

Combined with relaxation techniques, it often encourages the person to wake up to the fact that feet are not dangerous by themselves, and can cause no harm.

Gradually, the phobia-affected individual begins to manage his fear more successfully, marking an important step in conquering the fear.

If your therapist deems it appropriate, medicines may also be used to alleviate podophobia symptoms, such as increased levels of anxiety, that largely aid in getting you past your phobia.

You can also access support groups as part of podophobia treatment that helps you deal with your fear of feet and live life without the trepidations.

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