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Porphyrophobia – Fear of the Color Purple

What is Porphyrophobia?

Form the whole spectrumAllium Giganteum of colors, if you dread the color purple, you have porphyrophobia. It is an abnormal, persistent fear of the color purple.

A person suffering from porphyrophobia will most likely pass his or her waking hours in a state of nervousness. A purple colored car or house can make a porphyrophobic suffer from a panic attack.

The color purple is often seen in some vegetables such as brinjal and onion. In many traditions the color purple stands for royal lineage that is used only by those in power.

In many schools, purple is the standard color of uniforms. But despite of all the surrounding glory, there is an air of fear around the color, observed by those who have a profound dread for anything that is purple.

Know Porphyrophobia Causes

Due to past experience with colors, porphyrophobia causes include the fear for colors that is mostly linked to negative incidents and events. The fear can be one that is learned, observed in others or has developed due to personal experience.

It has been found to be a part of the conscious or subconscious psyche. This means that there is an extreme association between the purple color and an event or experience that dented a lifelong negative notion.

Experts also believe that it can be part of the genetic makeup or be hereditary in nature. In almost all of the cases, the fear of nearly every color is by and large related to negative associations. In some cases, a causative reason may be hard to identify.

Identify Porphyrophobia Symptoms

An apparent sign of this fear is tensing up of the body that can be seen in a porphyrophobe when presented with the color purple. A phobic personality may try to flee from the color or may freeze in place and start to weep or cry.

Here are some of the porphyrophobia symptoms:

  • Fast breathing
  • Sweating
  • Palpitations
  • Trembling
  • Panic
  • Nausea
  • Become emotional
  • Urge to flee

Porphyrophobia symptoms such as emotional disturbances, linked with this irrational fear, can cause a considerable amount of humiliation. Sometimes, porphyrophobia causes a phobic to feel completely helpless when faced with the fear, and as such, responds fearfully to the stimuli.

Porphyrophobia Treatment

Seeking help of a professional therapist is a positive step towards learning the root cause for your fear on encountering something purple. This can play an important role in porphyrophobia treatment.

Exposure therapy, systematic desensitization techniques and cognitive behavioral therapy are some of the porphyrophobia treatment made use of by professional therapists to treat the phobia.

In all the methods used, the primary aim is to encourage and enable the patient to respond confidently to changing scenarios when presented with the object of fear.

Gradually, with therapy, the patient finds that his or her fear is irrational and the object of fear can in fact cause no harm either mentally or physically and ultimately conquers the fear.

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  1. Naima
    October 12, 2012 at 1:31 am #

    I guess everything in this world can be feared. Even the color purple – which is my favorite!

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