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Trypanophobia – Fear of Injections

Trypanophobia – Fear of Injections

Trypanophobia is common phobia of injections, medical needles that doctors use to Trypanophobia Causes Symptoms such as crying or screaming, sweating and rapid pulse rateinject medicine into your body. This phobia should not be confused with belonephobia or fear of needles.

Fear of injections has gained importance increasingly in modern medications as it is being relied increasingly upon to make administration of medicines more effective.

It is an intense fear of an object that is of minor or no real danger. Even upon acknowledging that their fears are a result of negative imagination & irrational, they become powerless and are unable to come out of their fear alone.

Some people with this phobia may or may not fear needles in general but fear more that the syringe will be utilized as an injection. Trypanophobia has a potential of proving life threatening or even fatal.

Trypanophobia Causes

In some cases, those with trypanophobia may have a learned form of this fear. They may be in contact with a person who has this phobia, while some experts believe inheritance is among trypanophobia causes.

People fearing injections may also realize that their fear is by far, irrational. They are even prepared to talk about their phobia about injections if they are assured there is no needle or injection in the room.

Most of those suffering from this phobia are in agreeance that their fear may possibly induce them to delay symptom reliving or even emergency medical help.

Trypanophobia Symptoms

A trypanophobe may shudder at the thought of, let alone facing, the feared situation. It can bring up a full blown panic attack or cause severe anxiousness.

Similar to other phobias, the sufferer may even decide to flee from the site of fear, in this case, injections.

Some of The Trypanophobia Symptoms:

  • Profuse sweating
  • Rapid heartbeat
  • High blood pressure
  • Crying or screaming
  • Trembling
  • Fleeing
  • Feeling faint

An affected individual may feel trapped and find escaping impossible. In this frenzy, one may suffer a panic attack or may faint.

Trypanophobia Treatment

Treatment includes desensitization therapy, relaxation techniques and medications. A helpful method for trypanophobia treatment involves cognitive behavioral therapy.

Mild anesthetic creams are topically utilized often to minimize pain of injections. Through behavior therapy negative behaviors are slowly unlearned with more positive behaviors.

Some doctors use laughing gas to sedate & reduce anxiety of patients. This also has a mild painkilling effect.

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