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Zoophobia – Fear of Animals

Zoophobia – Fear of Animals

Zoophobia is when you overwhelmingly fear animals. This phobia must not be taken to Zoophobia Causes Symptoms like anxiety, palpitations & sweatingmean any rational fear of dangerous animals, such as lions or snakes.

It is characterized by an abnormal and irrational fear of animals. A zoophobe will avoid coming in vicinity of animals and may suffer a panic attack on coming face to face with an animal.

Know Zoophobia Causes

In some cases, a person with zoophobia may simply fear every animal in sight, big or small. Others may dread a particular type of animal. Elurophobia, for example, is the fear of cats, a common type of zoophobia.

A number of causes can lead to development of this disorder. These can include childhood trauma, misinterpretation of information or unclear thinking. Understanding zoophobia causes often plays an important role in its treatment therapy.

While people may seem surprised when they see someone mortally terrified at the sight of a rabbit or a domesticated goat, zoophobia is indeed a very severe condition.

Identify Zoophobia Symptoms

Those who are affected with zoophobia can experience typical symptoms of panic on an encounter with animals. The symptoms may vary & depend on the intensity of fear a person experiences on facing the feared object.

Other zoophobia symptoms include:

  • Tenseness
  • Anxiety
  • Dry mouth
  • Nervousness
  • Rapid heart beat
  • Profuse sweating
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting

Zoophobia may cause a person to suffer a full blown panic attack, or merely experience anxiety & tenseness around an animal.

A zoophobe may feel embarrassed socially, or get visibly upset, as others may not respect or understand seriousness of the phobia.

Zoophobia Treatment

Treatment for zoophobia includes various approaches. Behavioral therapy has met with considerable success in treating phobias & is more often recommended.

Here, the patient generally talks with a therapist regarding the phobia. It helps the therapist to identify the root cause and to device potential approaches.

Common zoophobia treatment approach includes desensitization sessions where the patient gets healthy exposure to animal images or animals, gradually, so as to increase the level of comfort and confidence.

Sometimes, especially trained therapy animals are used to desensitize and make people overcome their distress.

Medications that help blunt the phobic responses may sometimes be prescribed to manage & control the zoophobia. But this is usually an option reserved for severe cases.

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