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Privacy Policy

Remediespoint Privacy Policy

We team Remediespoint make sure that personal information of the user shall remain to be personal by amending this privacy policy along with terms and conditions in the core interest of our “user” or those personnel using the website namely Remediespoint.com. All rights will be strictly reserved and subjected to Remediespoint and no one else. If you continue to use the site regularly than that will automatically state that you have agreed and accepted the privacy policy as well as the terms and conditions of our site and that you agree to abide it.

What will Remediespoint do with my private information?

Change is natural phenomenon, and we follow the same. To provide accurate information to our user, we regularly modify the site at regular intervals. Personal information of the user on lifestyle, interest and requirements are precious; and this information guides us broadly for future enhancements. On the other hand it is an effective tool to update our site as per user requirements. A constant supply of quality information in a personalized manner is the maxim of our site and the same will remain in future.

  • Emails spamming is a crucial threat and we promise best possible protection against spammers.
  • The site administrator will use the email address to send notification, information about existing or new services, which the administrator may feel of importance.
  • Third party offerings of any kind will be passed on to the user via email, but if the administration feels to do so.
  • Our network will purposely track the IP address or addresses of user along with all relevant information and location for security reasons. Your cooperation is highly requested at all levels.
  • The site administration will take care of the fact that no personal information or details are given or sold to third party or other sites for profit motives.

Other Web links on Remediespoint web pages

Links posted or shared other than Remediespoint on the site, will have to carefully use by users. Users are informed that these links are not controlled or operated by the site.

External links that are posted on the site, all those personal information shared on such links will be the sole responsibility of the user and not of the site.

Even though if the user needs to use the shared or posted links on our site than it is advisable to read the privacy policy of such sites once to avoid any discrepancy.

Remediespoint offers extensive security to intact the reliability of data

Remediespoint has installed an advance server to track the information given by the user. We ensure you that personal data of our user is neither leaked nor malfunctioned in any way. The site administration checks the authentication of the user when they register online access their accounts

Necessary steps are taken to make the site user friendly; the user shall also be alert while giving such information to any of the sites. We do not guaranty privacy of the communications that takes place on the site or on the third party site links. The user him/herself will have to keep in mind that information while accessing can ironically become general.

The user will have to maintain the secrecy of his or her private information. Team remediespoint will not be responsible legally or socially if the personal data is exposed publically on internet. Remediespoint will reveal information to those parties that are in mutual contract or agreements with us. Remediespoint will obtain a prior permission from the user if in case it needs to publish the data of the users.

What if I wish to withdrawn my data from Remediespoint Database?

Remediespoint is user friendly giving useful information on natural ways to treat health problems without any type of side effects. It is very easy to step down on us or retrieve from our site, you just need to send a retrieval mail and you are off. As soon as we receive an email request we will delete all types of data available with us of the user. We want use your name or email address for our benefits and that is guaranteed.

User on usage of Remediespoint and its contents

Our site is available for all without any difference. We promise our user quality and quantity both. In return we demand that the authenticity of the site shall remain intact and contents of the site be it in any form like images, articles, news, blogs, health topics etc should not be used un-authentically. The user shall not market personal affairs of his or her on the site. The content of the site should not be copied or steeled in any form. The site is copyright and subjected to the terms and conditions.

Children and Remediespoint

Remediespoint will not and does not intend to employ children to access the site contents. We ensure you that we will not collect or distribute data from kids or children below age of 18 years in any way. Parents are requested to guide their minors while using the site.

Cookies and Remediespoint

When the user repeatedly uses our sites the stored cookies help us to redirect the user and track the information. The user can delete the cookies if not required as per convenience. Cookies also help to supply some customized information to the users. We will not use the cookies intentionally in an unauthorized manner to collect information.

Cookies are tracked for security reasons of the site in order to know how many users are online and using the site services. Even though the cookies are stored on the hard drive it want break in the personal information of the user. Cookies are only tracked to monitor how the site is used by its users, please do not consider it as a spying device.

About this privacy policy

The privacy policy of the site is constituted by our expert legal panel. It applies to the website named Remediespoint.com and overall. This privacy policy will be effective to existing as well as Remediespoint group websites. We appreciate suggestions for better performance. We advise and expect our user to review our policy statements and terms and condition timely to understand the site Remediespoint better.

FAQ and Remediespoint

We welcome your ideas and suggestions regarding the site. Remediespoint requests everyone to send their valuable comments, suggestions, questions, business proposals, tips and tricks at this email address, info@Remediespoint.com

The privacy policy of Remediespoint is updated on 31st of May 2011.