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What is Chancroid?

Chancroid is a sexually transmitted disease caused by Haemophilus ducreyi bacteria. Chancroid Symptoms include painful sores on the genitaliaThis condition also known as ‘soft chancre’ spreads exclusively through sexual contact and affects both men & women.

It is characterized by painful ulcers (sores) on the genitalia. Men are more susceptible to the disease than women. Cure for chancroid is easy if treated in its early stages. You are more prone to HIV infection once you have chancroid.

Know Causes of Chancroid

Chancroid transmission takes place through skin to skin sexual contact with an infected person.

Here are some valid Causes of Chancroid:

  • oral sex
  • anal sex
  • vaginal sex

An uncircumcised male is more at risk of contracting the disease compared to a circumcised man. Those who are sexually active are most likely to be infected with chancroid.

Identify Chancroid Symptoms

Between five days to two weeks following chancroid infection, a person can develop a tiny bump in the genitals.

Among signs of chancroid, an ulcer develops into elevated bump that is tender & becomes filled with pus. The tender chancroid ulcer is frequently termed as soft chancre.

The ulcer:

  • Can range in size between one eighth of an inch to two inches
  • Is very painful
  • Is soft to touch
  • Has ragged/irregular borders that are sharply defined
  • Has a base covered with material that is grey or yellowish-grey in color

Moreover, nearly half of affected males develop chancroid symptoms in the form of a single ulcer. In women there can be up to four or more ulcers.

Get Chancroid Home Remedies

Home remedies can help cure chancroid, but require patience. You can try these suggestions. The recommended chancroid home remedies involve lifestyle & dietary changes, pain relief & herbal treatments.

  • You can cover the sore in a medical gauze or soft tape bandage to reduce its tenderness.
  • Using colloidal silver reduces the pain and quickens the healing of the sore and relieves chancroid symptoms.
  • Include fresh fruits & vegetables, essential oils and plenty of water in your diet.
  • Take warm sitz bath by mixing tea tree oil in the water
  • Avoid carbonated beverages, sugar, dairy products, citrus fruit juices & refined foods as this will help in achieving cure for chancroid.
  • To relieve pain, make use of golden seal poultice to apply on sores and take vitamin A as suppository.
  • Vaginal douches with diluted tree tea oil are recommended to relieve pain and discomfort.

Chancroid Prevention for You:

  • It is advisable to abstain from sexual activity to avoid infection
  • However, practicing safe sex can reduce infection risk
  • Bad personal hygiene makes it easier for the infection to spread

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