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Pubic Lice

What is Pubic Lice?

Pubic lice also called pubic crab & genital lice, is a tiny parasitic insect that has six legs Pubic Lice Cure can be treated with Pubic Lice Home Remediesand is found in human pubic hair.

It mainly dwells in your eyebrows, eyelashes & armpit hair and sucks blood. Pubic lice have a lifecycle of forty days during which it lays eggs (also called nits).

Know Causes of Pubic Lice

Infection of pubic lice is brought about commonly through skin to skin contact including sexual activity with infected people.

What are the causes of pubic lice?

  • You can get pubic lice by using infected towels & bed sheets
  • It can spread through infected clothing & toilet seats
  • Pubic lice only infects human populations & cannot spread from animals
  • They are unable to hop from place to place so you do not get pubic lice by visiting or talking to infected person
  • Pubic crab affects every age group but mainly infest teenagers & young adults

Identify Symptoms of Pubic Lice

Itching is common in affected pubic hair area. The pubic crab feed at night by burrowing into follicles of pubic hair.

They feed on very miniscule amount of blood and may leave the feeding site discolored.

Let’s look at symptoms of pubic lice:

  • Constant itching leads to scratching this can promote pubic lice population and can cause secondary bacterial infection
  • You may spot adult pubic lice with the naked eye. But they can be better observed with the use of a quality magnifying glass
  • Symptoms in small children can involve irritation or infection in the eyelids

Shaving pubic hair is not a pubic lice cure, but it helps in effective treatment. Once you have pubic lice, make sure to shave off pubic hair until the infestation clears off.

Get Pubic Lice Home Remedies

Although medications are readily available in the market, it is worth adopting natural pubic lice cure as they are effective & economical.

  • A generous application of petroleum jelly on the affected pubic area (as well as eye brows & eye lashes) to kill off crab lice. Apply until all symptoms subside.
  • Combing your pubic hair is an easy public lice home remedy through the use of a nit comb. Comb pubic hair multiple times to effectively remove nits & public lice. Sterilize comb, preferably in hot water to get rid of the crabs.
  • Medicated shampoos are also effective among pubic lice home remedies. Lather on affected pubic area before going to bed to effectively destroy all crab lice & nits. Rinse in the morning to remove dead crab lice with nits.
  • Apply thick paste of neem leaves (Azadirachta indica) before going to bed on affected pubic area and let it dry. Next morning, scrub & rinse with warm water. Continue treatment for a week to get effective results.

This information may prove helpful & power you to answer the question about ‘what is pubic lice?’.

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