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What is Syphilis?

A bacterial infection, syphilis is a sexually transmitted disease caused by Treponema Syphilis Treatment & Cure should start earlypallidum bacteria. You can get infected by a contagious sore from a person having syphilis (mainly through sexual contact).

Know Causes of Syphilis

The Treponema pallidum bacteria enter your body through mucous membranes or through cuts & abrasions.

Here’s a list for causes of syphilis:

  • Having close sexual contact with infected person
  • Infected mother can transmit syphilis infection her child during delivery
  • Infected blood transfusions
  • More than one sexual partner (risk of infection increase with number of partners)

Moreover, unhealthy sex habits including oral, anal or vaginal sex with a person having multiple sexual partners are other known causes.

Identify Syphilis Symptoms

Syphilis signs can vary depending on the levels & stages of the disease. Experts categorize syphilis into three stages: primary, secondary & tertiary syphilis (final stage).

In the initial stage of the disease symptoms may appear in about three weeks after an infection is contracted from a sore or open blister.

The most common secondary syphilis symptoms are a rash on your palm or bottom of the feet. If the disease is left untreated at this stage you risk damage to major organs of your body.

A list for symptoms of syphilis:

  • Ulcers or sores (painless) on the genital area or rectum
  • Swelling of lymph nodes (groin area)

In progressed stages symptoms may include:

  • Rash on the palms & under the feet
  • Rash displays on torso or limbs
  • Sores on the mouth
  • Headache
  • Fever
  • Aches in bones & joints
  • Hair loss that is patchy

An affected individual may not exhibit any syphilis symptoms and can be a candidate for risk of complications when the disease reaches its final stage.

Get Syphilis Natural Cure

Since the disease is caused by bacteria it can be taken care of in the beginning stages through regular syphilis home remedy.

  • Moreover, in its early stages, the disease responds well to natural syphilis treatment and can be completely cured.
  • Most cases of mild syphilis cure through the administration of penicillin G which is an effective natural antibacterial agent.
  • You can also prepare and consume one standard cup burdock root tea thrice a day as it is a beneficial syphilis home remedy.
  • Including garlic in your diet as it provides sulfur that wards off harmful bacteria and helps heal sores.
  • The best syphilis cure is to build your immune system to effectively fight off the bacteria. This can be achieved by consuming fresh fruits and vegetables daily.
  • Colloidal silver is an effective natural antibiotic that can be taken both internally and externally for syphilis treatment. Take half tablespoon of colloidal silver in between meals under your tongue to get rid of bacteria.
  • Taking mud baths helps in speeding syphilis cure by relieving symptoms such as sores & ulcers. Applying mud directed to the affected parts can also prove beneficial.

For advanced stages of the disease, it is important that you consult with a registered physician.

Maintaining personal hygiene and avoiding all sexual activities during the infection is very important as any syphilis treatment will be rendered ineffective in absence of these required lifestyle changes.

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