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What is Trichomoniasis?

Trichomoniasis is an easily treatable sexually transmitted disease (STD) caused byTrichomoniasis Symptoms include foul vaginal odor Trichomonas vaginalis parasite. It affects both men & women with symptoms more apparent in women.

If the disease is left untreated without a trichomoniasis cure for a long period, it can result in pelvic inflammation, infertility or even miscarriage.

Know Trichomoniasis Causes

Trichomoniasis affects populations around the world. You can get trichomoniasis when you have sexual contact with an infected person.

Here are some trichomoniasis causes:

  • Trichomoniasis is most commonly transmitted through sexual intercourse
  • Involving penis to vagina or vulva to vulva contact with an infected partner
  • Transmission is also possible via fomites including towels or bathing suits

Identify Trichomoniasis Symptoms

Symptoms may start to appear within one to four weeks following an infection.

Women are more prone to harsh trichomoniasis symptoms that include:

  • Increase in discomfort during urination/intercourse
  • Vaginal discharge that is bad-smelling, foamy & greenish yellow
  • Vaginal itching
  • Foul vaginal odor

In men, there are usually no trichomoniasis symptoms and the infection goes off by itself in a couple of weeks. When trichomoniasis signs do occur, they include:

  • Burning sensation following urination/ejaculation
  • Irritation in the penis
  • Mild white penile discharge

Moreover, trichomoniasis symptoms are very similar to other STD diseases including chlamydia or gonorrhea infection.

Get Trichomoniasis Home Remedy

A very treatable disease, it responds well to trichomoniasis natural treatment including trichomoniasis home remedies that are affordable, safe & effective.

  • A healthy bacterium called live lactobacillus is found in yogurt. It helps protect & promote growth of good bacteria in the vagina and fight trichomonas vaginalis organism.
  • Include yogurt in your diet as a trichomoniasis home remedy. It helps restore bacterial flora following use of antibiotics. Yogurt is also thought to be effective when used in douching.
  • Due to antibacterial properties, chew single garlic clove on a daily basis or include garlic in your food to inhibit & counter unhealthy bacteria growth.
  • Another trichomoniasis cure includes essential oils such as tea tree oil that fights bad bacteria. Dilute one part of pure tea tree oil with four parts olive or almond oil to prepare a weak douche to apply directly to the vagina.
  • Take supplements such as zinc, vitamins A, C & E. These speed up your recovery by boosting your immune system response.

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