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Cinnamon for Health

Benefit of Cinnamon

With a sweet and spicy fragrance, cinnamon is widely used in culinary dishes around the Benefit of Cinnamon lists good source of mineralsworld. It is also a very effective preservative and stops or prevents food from spoiling for a considerable period.

Powdered cinnamon can also be used as a room freshener or to deodorize bad smelling environment.

Uses of Cinnamon Oils

Cinnamon bark oil possesses a sweet and spicy aroma and possesses antiseptic qualities that are effective in healing infections. Cinnamon oils are good analgesics and help in pain relief.

Its use as an effective aphrodisiac is well known. Carminative properties of this oil help in expelling gas from your stomach.

Stress, low blood pressure, common cold and constipation are some of the health conditions that can be safely treated with cinnamon oils.

Moreover, the analgesic, antibacterial, antifungal and anti clotting properties make it an important ingredient in Asian medicines. Its use in aromatherapy is widespread.

Cinnamon Health Benefit in Brief

One standard teaspoonful of cinnamon consists of thirty milligrams of calcium, one milligram of iron and one gram of fiber.

It is also a good source of carbohydrate, manganese and vitamin C & K. It is contains manganese, fiber, calcium & iron.

Let’s look at Health Benefit of Cinnamon:

Consuming half a teaspoonful of cinnamon daily results in lower cholesterol and is considered an effective cinnamon for health formula.

Traditional medicines have made use of powdered cinnamon and its oil for many dietary illnesses.

Smelling cinnamon helps boost memory and memory functions. A natural food preservative it inhibits bacterial growth and also prevents spoilage of food.

Cinnamon oil has the highest antioxidant content of any spice and is useful in prevention of many types of cancers.

Research has shown that cinnamon helps in regulation of blood sugar levels in your body and is used to treat patients of type II diabetes.

A single tablespoon of honey with half this amount of cinnamon powder mixed together and taken on an empty stomach helps reduce arthritis pain.

Another useful cinnamon health benefit is its property as an anti-clotting agent which can benefit patients with disease of the heart.


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