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What Is Coriander?

Coriander is a powerful leafy herb with many health benefits. Its name originates from Coriander Leaf is an effective tonic is rich in mineralsthe Greek word ‘Koris’ which means bedbug given for its offensive smell when not ripe.

Leaves of this herb are widely used in culinary dishes. In true sense, seeds of this herb are known as coriander and its leaves are known as cilantro.

Coriander leaf is an effective stimulant and tonic. The leaf of coriander contains vitamins A, C, K, thiamin, folic acid, riboflavin, magnesium, calcium, potassium and iron.

The coriander seeds are use whole or in powdered form and also help in alleviating heavy bleeding during menstruation cycle.

Coriander Seeds Use

Apart from being widely used in preparing dishes the coriander seeds are rich in mineral and vitamin content including iron, calcium, phosphorus, vitamin B & C .

It is a good alternative as a carminative for digestive disorders. Vitamin deficiency diseases can be easily overcome with regular intake of coriander powder or seeds.

In anorexic patients, it stimulates hunger and increases appetite. Diarrhea symptoms can be relieved by drinking a mixture of coriander seeds soaked in water and left overnight.

For relief in respiratory infections and cough, coriander powder used with dry ginger is an effective remedy.

Coriander Substitute for You

For simple reasons like distaste for coriander flavor or its unavailability, coriander substitute is sought after to compensate for its enhanced flavor or an alternative.

Fennel, cumin and caraway seeds a teaspoon of each can act as an effective coriander seeds substitute.

A similar flavor can be attained by using chopped tarragon, parsley and dil to substitute for coriander leaf.

Health Benefit of Coriander

Coriander rates high as a healing spice. To some, it is known as an anti diabetic plant, others use it for its anti inflammatory properties.

Look at other Healthy Benefits of Coriander:

  • Beneficial for urinary tract infections
  • Raises good cholesterol and lowers bad cholesterol
  • Coriander helps protect against the Salmonella bacteria
  • Effectively rids you of nausea
  • Its anti inflammatory properties alleviate arthritis symptoms
  • Works effectively as a natural chelation treatment
  • Good for expulsion of stomach gases
  • It is a rich source of dietary fiber, iron, magnesium and is rich in flavonoids and phyto nutrients
  • Coriander is known for lowering blood sugar

Moreover, coriander benefits you during digestive disorders and relieves stomach pain besides preventing flatulence.

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