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Fennel Seeds

Fennel Seeds: In Brief

The seeds of fennel are small and similar in shape and size to cumin seeds. They have a Benefits of fennel seeds include its digestive disorders propertysweet aroma and flavor, rich in minerals such as magnesium and taste like licorice.

Besides its medicinal qualities fennel seeds are widely used as a spice in culinary cooking.

Digestive disorders respond very well to fennel seeds as these help in treating cramps, stomach gas and acids.

Nutritional value of fennel can be judged from the abundance of minerals and vitamins it contains.

Fennels contain calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, zinc, dietary fiber, carbohydrates, proteins and potassium.

There are a variety of vitamins including vitamin C, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6 and B9. Moreover, antioxidants and essential oils are other important content of fennel.

Fennel Tea Uses

Every part of the fennel including its leaves, flowers, stalk, root and bulbs are very much edible and can be used in various dishes and in treating illnesses.

A useful preparation of dried seeds of fennel is in preparing medicinal tea that is beneficial in treating a variety of health conditions.

Fennel seed tea is very useful in stimulating milk in breastfeeding mothers. Fennel tea is an effective remedy for curing constipation, dyspepsia, indigestion and vomiting.

The beneficial fennel tea has carminative properties and helps relieve flatulence or stomach gas.

Health Benefits of Fennel Seeds

  • Fennel seed tea is used to get relief from diarrhea and get rid of intestinal worms.
  • Fennel tea benefit includes relieving infant colic.
  • Fennel helps in proper digestion of foods by promoting movement of your intestines.
  • Fennel is a good source to remove or prevent bad breath.
  • Health benefits of fennel seeds include its use in treatment of respiratory illnesses such as common cold, bronchitis, cough and asthma.
  • As herbal remedy, fennel tea benefit includes its use in treatment for dysmenorrhea, menopausal symptoms and premenstrual syndrome.
  • Eye diseases and infections such as sore eyes and conjunctivitis can be treated by using fennel seed tea.
  • Fennel seeds tea is a powerful antioxidant that roots out free radicals that are unstable reactive molecules rendering damage to cells and causing cancer.
  • Fennel has anti-inflammatory agents and can be effectively used as an analgesic.

Celery and ground anise can make a great substitute for fennel but will not give full benefits that are a part of fennel.

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