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Terms of Use

Remediespoint on providing Medical Advice

Team Remediespoint welcomes you on the site. We gracefully appreciate your presence on our site. The terms and condition of the usage of the site and its overall material is described as follows:

All those material that is posted on the website such as images, notes, articles or information obtained from our reliable sources are for informational purposes only. It is purely informational based and is not associated with any person whether he or she is leaving or dead. The site shall not be considered as a substitute for expert doctors. Do not ignore to seek advice of a medical practitioner for any health related emergency.

In an emergency call medical emergency, your family doctor or 911 immediately. We do not entertain any test or procedures on the site.

Remediespoint on Children’s Privacy & Usage

Certain material posted or uploaded on the site might not be suitable for the children. Hence parent’s discretion is advised especially when the user is a minor. Parents are hereby informed that the site is not trying to attract minors and also the site is not designed for such purposes. Also do refer our privacy policy statement to know more on this topic.

Remediespoint on Use of the Site Content

We do not authorize anyone to use the material posted on our site for any type of commercial purpose. If an individual found doing so will be entangled strictly and legal actions shall be taken towards them. Anyone found illegally using the site or materials or contents of the site than that shall be considered as breach of the terms & conditions.

Remediespoint on Submissions made by users

All those content uploaded are governed by our site administration. Any kind of material uploaded by the user shall be its own and shall not violet the terms and conditions of the site.

The material submitted on the site in any format shall be royalty free, license free and free for general public viewing and using purpose.

The user is not permitted to submit contents that are virus infected, hence interruption in the site performance due to such type of problems will not be tolerated and strict action legally will be taken against the sources.

Remediespoint on Passwords

Our site has different types of amenities and users use these facilities flawlessly. It is user’s liability to take care of their personal information by not allowing any of them to access the site passwords or accounts. If there is any situation where the personal information can be compromised than you can contact us for deactivation of the account that will secure further data loss.

Remediespoint on Links, Advertisements & Search to Other Sites

The site Remediespoint may provide links to other websites that are existing partners of Remediespoint. We may also allow our partners and affiliates to endorse the content of the websites.

Remediespoint doesn’t hold responsibility of the content that are linked to third-party sites. The site is neither responsible for sites framed within its site. We also hold no assurance for third-party sites, third-party advertisers, representations of third party sites, their content or accuracy. The usage of said sites will be borne by users own risk and will be subjected to the terms and conditions of use for such sites.

Remediespoint on Indemnity

You agree to defend, indemnify, and hold Remediespoint (the site), Staff members (officers, directors, employees, agents, licensors, and suppliers) harmless from and against any civil or criminal suits, claims, actions or demands, liabilities and settlements.

Remediespoint on General

We at Remediespoint, the site would like to acknowledge the user and the overall health fraternity that access to the site contents and its material may not be legal to certain persons, community, cast, creed, and religion or in certain countries. If the user does so, it will be the user’s own risk and the user will be held responsible for the same and also the actions will be taken by the laws that abide to the user.

The Terms of Use of the site, Remediespoint.com has been updated on 31st of May 2011