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Halasana (Plow Pose)

Halasana: Step by Step & Benefits

In Sanskrit “Hala” means “plow” so that is why Halasana is also known as Plow Pose. While practicing Halasana the structure of entire body seems to be plow shape. This asana is a modified asana of Sarvangasana. Moreover Halasana benefits you in same as it was obtain by practicing Sarvangasana. Here we showcase some easy steps for how to do Halasana and also giving you idea about advantages and disadvantages of Halasana.

Halasana Benefits curing Liver, Pancreas & Spline problems

Following are the steps for how to do Halasana with proper technique and approach for getting its perfect benefits.

Step 1: -

Initially lie down on your back and inhale steadily through nostrils. Now bring legs together and gradually move them in upward direction till it makes right angle with rest of the body. After that keep your palms facing in downward direction so that you can able to support your body with the ground and to make practice easy.

Step 2: -

Now bend your joined legs together over the head till it touches the ground just behind it. You can also use your hands for making toe in contact with the ground but once as it is done remove your hand support touch the ground in same way that palm facing in downward direction.

Step 3: -

Now again breathe normally by keeping your knee straight. That is it! You are done with practice of Halasana. In very beginning if you are not able to touch your toes with the ground then try to make them as closest as possible and hold this pose for around 30-seconds.

Step 4: -

After that reverse the entire process step by step and get back to normal Shavasana Posture.

Steps for How to do Halasana

Time Duration for Halasana

Plow Pose or Halasana should be practiced for 30 seconds. Yoga beginners can practice Halasana as long as one feels comfortable and easy but should not practice it beyond limit.

Advantages of Halasana

  • Halasana benefits you in several ways similar to benefits gained by practicing Sarvangasana. Muscles, ligaments of thighs & calves gets relaxed and stretched by practicing Halasana. Increases flexibility and feeling of relaxation to legs cramps.
  • It makes spinal cord strong and flexible.
  • Halasana benefits you to cure problems related to Thyroid gland which helps to remove diseases related to hormonal and obesity.
  • It is much useful asana for those who are suffering from constipation and gastric problems. In addition it also helps to remove problems related to Pancreas, Liver and Spine.

Disadvantages of Halasana

  • Halasana should practice under expert supervision or by guidance of yoga teacher.
  • Women should not practice this asana during their menstrual period.
  • Person suffering from Blood Pressure, Spinal Cord & Cervical problem should not practice this asana without doctor’s suggestion.

Asanas described here should be practiced strictly under the guidance of Yoga teacher or under the supervision of yoga expert only.

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  1. captainportal
    December 27, 2011 at 12:29 pm #

    Halasana is best for Thyroid gland


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