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Naukasana (Boat Pose)

Naukasana (Boat Pose): Step by Step & Benefits

In Sanskrit word “Nauka” stands for “Boat”. That is why Naukasana is also renowned as Boat Pose. While practicing Naukasana the entire body structure appears to boat shaped which is used to cure many ailments. On other side reverse procedure of Naukasana is also used to treat many disorders. Here we showcase Naukasana steps for how to do Naukasana for obtaining positive Naukasana benefits. Naukasana helps to strengthen lungs, increases the secretion power of liver & pancreas and regulates blood flow at sugar level.

Naukasana Benefits in strengthening of lungs & abdominal muscles

Following are Naukasana steps which helps you to gain beneficial benefits of Naukasana.

Step 1: -

First of all lie down in resting posture on the floor on your back.

Step 2: -

Keep feet together and place hands on thighs.

Step 3: -

Now inhale deeply and raise your head gradually following neck & shoulder and then legs such that head, hands & legs making a boat type structure.

Step 4: -

Practice this without any jerk or bending of knees & elbows.

Step 5: -

After that rise your head and legs together far above the ground as possible.

Step 6: -

Continue this pose by holding your breath as long as you feel comfortable.

Step 7: -

Now exhale and get back to normal starting position.

Naukasana Steps

Time Duration of Naukasana

It is suggested that one should remain in this posture for 10-60 seconds and practice it for 3-4 sessions but don’t overdo it.

Advantages of Naukasana

1)   Naukasana benefits you for strengthening of lungs.

2)   It is much helpful asana for reducing problems related to stomach.

3)   It increases secretion power of liver & pancreas.

4)   It toughens abdominal muscles.

5)   It regulates blood flow at sugar level.

6)   It toughens muscles of neck, shoulder & legs.

Precautions for Naukasana

Person suffering from diseases like high blood pressure, hip joint disorders, arthritis, hernia & ulcers should avoid practicing Naukasana.

Asanas described here should be practiced strictly under the guidance of Yoga teacher or under the supervision of yoga expert only.

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